retro 11s black and red-119 🔥TTS🔥European tailoring🔥 🔥Bro, this is a brand new upgraded version of The North Face 399 yuan batch. Compared with last year, I have added nearly 80 grams of goose down filling amount. (please watch the video in the album carefully)! ! ! It has a very large amount of down filling, the sleeves become more fluffy, the thickness of the body parts is also increased. This will greatly improve the warmth performance of the down jacket can help you withstand the cold and bad weather. So you only need to wear a T-shirt inside to spend the winter. Although the cost has increased significantly this year, the price will not change. Thank you for your support over the past 4 years. purchased this product in the past three years, you will know that this product is often out of stock in winter. Once it is out of stock, the waiting time is relatively long, so I decided to release it one month earlier this year. The size of 399yuan new batch is TTS (please note that it may feel a little smaller than last year because a lot of down has been added this year), which is a perfect 1:1 high-quality version.